By Elizabeth A. Rauscher

The Maxwell, Einstein, Schrödinger and Dirac equations are thought of crucial equations in all of physics. This quantity goals to supply new 8- and twelve-dimensional complicated suggestions to those equations for the 1st time so that it will show their richness and endured significance for advancing primary Physics. If M-Theory is to maintain its promise of defining the final word constitution of topic and spacetime, it is just throughout the topological configurations of extra dimensionality (or levels of freedom) that it will be attainable. Stretching the exploration of complicated area via the entire major equations of Physics might help tighten the noose on "the" primary conception. this sort of exploration of upper dimensional spacetime has for the main half been missed by way of M-theorists and physicists in most cases and is taken to its penultimate shape the following.

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See Fig. 7. 20) for vRe now vRe  c and where m* or mIm stands for m* = im and we define m as mRe, Orbiting the Moons of Pluto 26 m0 m= . 21) For m real (mRe), we examine two cases on v as v < c or v > c, so we let v be any value from −∞ < v < ∞, where the velocity, v, is taken as real, or vRe . Consider the case of v as imaginary (or vIm) and examine the consequences of this assumption. Also we examine the consequences for both v and m imaginary and compare to the above cases. If we choose v imaginary or v* = iv (which we can term vIm) the v*2 / c 2 = −v 2 / c 2 and 1 + v*2 / c 2 becomes 1 − v*2 / c 2 or m0 m= .

The separation between event P1 and P2 appears contiguous or simultaneously nonlocally correlated from the perspective of P3. In an n > 4 space or an 8D space, nonlocal events can be correlated in such a manner as to not require standard signal propagation. Complex Minkowski Spaces 17 A number of HD geometries have been examined, in terms of reconciling complex anticipation and precognition-like signaling and causality as well as their possible relationship to superluminal signals [8,37-39]. In particular we have examined some 5 and 6D geometries where the additional dimensions, XD are space-like and time-like.

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