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Down and motor stick, as shown the pins that are holding the plane parts Then carefully push a pin the in the plan, at a sharp angle, with the head slanting toward the tail. N. Hang one end of the rubber band on the propeller hook and the other end on the slanted pin (42) in the rear. O. Holding the plane by the motor stick, under the wing, wind the rubber band by turning the propeller from the (clockwise) about a hundred turns P. Launch —then left to right hold. gently, releasing the propeller just before lease the plane.

You can handle this in a couple of ways. You can use a hardly noticeable brace such as a clear plastic stick, or create a forward motion effect by using a curved wire or a balsa stick. The latter could be painted to match the plane body or be blue for sky. Depending on the weight of your plane, the balsa stick may have to be dampened and pinned down to dry to form the curve you want. (52) While it's true that personal pride, it's model building is also true that this a pleasure and a source of is a hobby that's great fun to share.

Fold down along these lines. If you are using balsa, it H. may wing at a slight angle. Insert the tabs into the pocket. Slightly angle the wing tips upward. You will see that the pocket is longer than the wing tabs are wide. This is to allow for flight corrections and variations. After test flying, you may wish to glue the wings in place. If you are using a leftover body clamp, cut the wing tabs off along break. If so, glue the tab to the the dotted lines. For the wing-through plane, draw a light line at the middle of the wing, as shown on the pattern.

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