By A. Lehmenkühler, H. Caspers, E.-J. Speckmann (auth.), Jürgen Grote, Daniel Reneau, Gerhard Thews (eds.)

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Since this might lead to an increased sensitivity to pressure, the static and dynamic sensitivity to pressure has been investigated with particular care. P. 1 o. 5 - 2 2 - 10 10 - 30 30 - 120 Bicher et al. 1973 >120 Kimmich et al. 1975 Kreuzer and Schuler, 1965; Schuler and Kreuzer, 1967; Kreuzer and Kimmich, 1968; Kimmich, 1969; Huxtable and Fatt,1974; Van Kempen & Kreuzer, 1975 Parker et al. 1971 Kreuzer and Nessler, 1958; Kreuzer e tal. 1 sec). The combination of both goals, however, presents increasing difficulties as we move in the direction of the upper left-hand corner of this scheme.

207-223 (1967). , J. Theor. , 33, 91-103 (1971). , J. Theor. , 38, 143-154 (1973). , 320, 24-44 (1970). , J. Appl. , 23, 798-801 (1967). Moon, P. , "Field Theory Handbook", Springer Verlag, New York (1971). 8. , in "Oxygen Supply", ed. by M. , University Park Press, Baltimore, 169-174 (1973). 9. , Med. Electron. BioI. , 1, 377-387 (1965). 10. , Microvas. , ~, 247-257 (1972). THE APPLICATION OF HISTOLOGICAL ANALYSIS FOR THE LOCALIZATION OF TISSUE P0 2 AND LOCAL BLOOD FLOW WITH THE EXAMPLE OF THE GLOMUS CAROTICUM OF THE RABBIT (ORYCTOLAGUS CUNICULUS) H.

The accuracy of an electrode measurement depends upon the ability of the recess to contain all of the P02 disturbance such that it extends insignificantly into the external medium (1). 5, is dramatic. The 55% equipotential surface is contained entirely within the recess region. For tid = 10, as used experi- 12 G. SCHNEIDERMAN AND T. K. 5. ° mentally (6), the 96% POZ equipotential surface is contained entirely within the recess. With a lower K the accuracy is improved still further. From the steady state simulations of the induced POZ field disturbance, the oxygen current sensitivities per micron of cathode radius, S (picoamps/mm Hg·~), were numerically calculated and are shown as ¥he curved lines in Figure 3.

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