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Contact inhibition refers to: (a) Inhibition of cell motility and mitotic division activity (b) Above events only occur when cell comes in contact with one on solid support, (c) It is a property of normal cells, not of transformed cells, (d) All of the above. 7. HeLa cell line was derived from a black woman named Henereeta Lack from: (a) Cervical carcinoma (b) Pharyngeal carcinoma (c) Oral carcinoma (d) None of the above. 8. For the first time formula 199 for tissue culture was prepared by: (b) Earls and co-workers (a) Joseph and co-workers (c) George and co-workers (d) Rous and Jones.

7 "This page is Intentionally Left Blank" Chapter 2 Natural Surroundings of Animal Cell A living cell is the fundamental unit of living organisms, of both the plants and animals. It is a self - assembling, selfreplicating and self-regulating tiny bags of lipid bilayer enclosing discrete organells. The natural surrounding of the cell is the local biochemical, physiological and physiochemical milieu directly affecting the growth of the cells and their metabolism. , a system in which both matter and heat can exchange with the surroundings) of organic molecules operating on the principle of maximum economy of parts and processes.

The major intracellular buffer in blood and interstitial fluid of vertebrate is the bicarbonate buffer system. S. Growth Factors:- Growth factor is an organic compound which a cell must contain in order to grow but which it is unable to syntheSize (Biggers et al. 1957). Different cells vary widely in their growth requirements, this differences in the requirement reflect differences in the synthetic ability of the cells. =ogram per millilitre of serum. These are proteins of highly specialized nature.

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