By Yung Kuo Lim, Ke-Lin Wong

The fabric for this quantity has been chosen from the exam questions for graduate scholars, for the previous two decades, of the subsequent associations: college of California (Berkeley), Columbia college, the college of Chicago, MIT, country college of recent York at Buffalo, Princeton college and college of Wisconsin. This quantity contains of 310 difficulties and is split into 3 components: Newtonian mechanics; analytical mechanics; and unique relativity.

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This tangential velocity as a function of R can be calculated readily from the conservation of angular momentum. e. allowed to coast), the velocity decreases in the following manner: where t is the time in sec. Find the horsepower required to drive this car at 30 mph on the same road. P. lb/sec, 60 mph = 88 ft/sec. ( Wisconsin) Solution: Let KJ = 60 mph, then _ -_ -vo 60 V 1. Hence -dV = - -V2 dt 6OVo ' and the resistance acting on the car is F = mV2/(6OV0),where m is the maas of the car. The propulsive force must be equal to the resistance F' at the speed of V' = 30 mph in order to maintain this speed on the same road.

Thus the force on each particle points towards the center of mass of the system and is a harmonic force. =g. a. -- - G ( m i + m 2 ) d3 ri - - G(mi + m2)ri, i = 1,2 . r:2 With the distance between ml and m2 constant, the system rotates about its center of mass with a constant angular frequency Use a rotating coordinate frame with origin at the center of mass of the system and angular frequency of rotation w and let the quantities r,r 33 Newtonian Mechanics refer to this rotating frame. Considering the motion of particle laboratory frame, we have m3 in the or If m3 is stationary, With ml,m2 becomes >> r3 m3, = r 3 = 0 and the above becomes C m j r j = 0 gives mlrl M -m2r2 and the above This relation shows that r3 is parallel to rl and thus the stationary position of m3 lies on the line joining ml and m2.

The incline makes an angle 8 with the horizontal. (a) Solve for the accelerations of ml, m2 and the tension in the string when p is very large. (b) Find the smallest coefficient of friction for which the inclined plane will remain at rest. (Columbia) Problems d Solutions on Mechanics 28 Solution: (a) When p is large enough, the inclined plane remains at rest. The equations of motion of ml and m2 are (see Fig. 12) mlg-T=mla) T - m2gsin8 = 17120 , smooth plane rough ftoor Fig. 13. Fig. 12. giving (ml - m2 sin 8)s , ml +ma mlmz(l +sinO)g T= ml +m2 a= (b) The inclined plane is subjected to horizontal and vertical forces (see Fig.

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