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2 The a68toc compiler does permit a subsequent declaration to use the value of a previous value, but it is strictly non-standard. You would be wise to restrict your programs to Algol 68 syntax because other Algol 68 compilers will not necessarily be so lax. Contents Index Chapter 1. 10 Is there anything wrong with the following identity declarations? 997 925 × 108 metres per second in a vacuum, write an identity declaration for the identifier light year in terms of metres to an accuracy of 5 decimal places (use a calculator).

In fact, it would be a good idea to write all the answers as small programs (or incorporate them all in one large program). Don’t forget to use the print phrase with newline and newpage to separate your output. 0 What is the value of each of the following formulæ? (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) Contents Ans (2 + 3) * (3 - 2) j+i-k 3*ABS s ABS"t"-ABS t REPR(k**2) ROUND(x**2-y/(x+1)) z**9 Index Chapter 2. 1). 0; and REAL iz=1/0; and see what happens. In practice, it’s probably a good idea to check for division by zero.

5, the value is rounded away from zero if the whole number part is odd, and rounded toward zero Contents Index Chapter 2. Formulæ 41 if it is even (zero, in this case, is taken to be an even number). This ensures that rounding errors over a large number of cases tend to cancel out. The operator ENTIER (French for “whole”) takes a REAL operand and likewise yields an INT result, but the yield is the largest integer equal to or less than the operand. 2 yields -3. The operator SIGN can also be used with a REAL operand.

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