By Ian Griffiths; Matthew Adams; Jesse Liberty

With its help for dynamic programming, C# 4.0 maintains to conform as a flexible language by itself. but if C# is used with .NET Framework four, the mix is amazingly strong. This bestselling educational exhibits you ways to construct internet, computer, and wealthy web purposes utilizing C# 4.0 with .NET's database features, UI framework (WPF), wide verbal exchange providers (WCF), and extra. you will examine concurrent programming with C# 4.0, and the way to exploit .NET instruments similar to the Entity Framework for simpler information entry, and the Silverlight platform for browser-based RIA improvement.

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C# lets you add text to your source file that it will completely ignore. This might not sound important, or even useful, but it turns out to be vital if you want to have any hope of understanding code you wrote six months ago. ” This is code that made some kind of sense to whoever wrote it at the time, but is incomprehensible to anyone trying to read it at a later date, even if the person reading it is its author. The best defense against this problem is to think carefully about the names you give the ‡ With the odd exception: in a string constant such as the “Hello, world” text in this example, whitespace is treated literally—C# presumes that if you put, say, three spaces in some text enclosed in double quotes, you really want three spaces.

Console class to print a message. This code lives inside a method whose special name, Main, marks it out as the method to run when the program starts. That method is contained by a class called Program, because C# requires all methods to belong to a type. This class is a member of the HelloWorld namespace, because we chose to follow the convention of having our namespace match the name of the compiled binary. Our program uses the using directives supplied by Visual Studio to be able to refer to the Console class without needing to specify its namespace explicitly.

WriteLine("Hello, world"); This shows the C# syntax for invoking a method. NET Framework class library, and it is defined in the System namespace. WriteLine("Hello, world"); But because of the using System; directive earlier, we can use the shorter version—it means the same thing, it’s just more concise. The Console class provides the ability to display text in a console window and to read input typed by the user in an old-fashioned command-line application. In this case, we’re invoking the class’s WriteLine method, passing it the text "Hello, world".

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