By Emmanuel Haven, Andrei Khrennikov

Written by way of international specialists within the foundations of quantum mechanics and its purposes to social technology, this booklet exhibits how effortless quantum mechanical rules may be utilized to decision-making paradoxes in psychology and utilized in modelling info in finance and economics. The publication starts off with an intensive assessment of a few of the salient alterations among classical, statistical and quantum mechanics. It offers arguments on why quantum mechanics may be utilized outdoor of physics and defines quantum social technology. the difficulty of the lifestyles of quantum probabilistic results in psychology, economics and finance is addressed and easy questions and solutions are supplied. aimed toward researchers in economics and psychology, in addition to physics, simple mathematical preliminaries and ordinary strategies from quantum mechanics are outlined in a self-contained manner.

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During Laplace’s lifetime, the theory of differential equations had not yet been well developed. 5) may have a non-unique solution even for continuous forces. e. for a small neighborhood of the point (t0 , x0 ). However, globally it can be non-unique. Hence, modern mathematics does not imply determinism even in classical mechanics (see [2] for usage of this argument in classical non-deterministic biological dynamics). We also remark that if the dynamics of a particle is even deterministic, but unstable, then a small disturbance of initial conditions, can change crucially the trajectory of such a particle.

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This forms one of the important problems of the quantum-like approach. One possible solution of this problem consists in using phenomenological Hamiltonians. 14 Heisenbergian symbolism in physics: a version of symbolism in art Heisenberg’s approach to micro-phenomena was really symbolic (operational). Heisenberg was not able to present physical reasons (in the classical meaning) for the introduction of matrices, instead of functions on the phase space. 12 Nevertheless, this symbolic approach has been very fruitful and it played a key role.

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