By Halperin Bertrand

Ever for the reason that 1911, the Solvay meetings have formed glossy physics. The twenty fourth version chaired via Bertrand Halperin didn't holiday the culture. Held in October 2008, it collected in Brussels a number of the top figures within the quantum conception of condensed topic , addressing probably the most profound open difficulties within the box. The lawsuits comprise the "rapporteur talks" giving a wide review with designated insights via extraordinary well known scientists. those lectures disguise the 5 periods treating: mesoscopic and disordered platforms; unique levels and quantum part transitions in version platforms; experimentally discovered correlated-electron fabrics; quantum corridor platforms, and one-dimensional platforms; platforms of ultra-cold atoms, and complicated computational tools. within the Solvay culture, the complaints comprise additionally the ready reviews to the rapporteur talks. The discussions one of the individuals a few of that are particularly energetic and regarding dramatically divergent issues of view were conscientiously edited and reproduced in complete.

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With dipole-dipole it is a new game and to the best of my knowledge it is not integrable and perhaps there will be exponential decay. But I think it is an interesting question, because you may argue that there is spin diffusion which will bring exponential decay but spin diffusion is affected itself by the presence of central spin. It is like a strongly inhomogeneous field. So I agree that it is a very interesting open problem. S. Das Sarma It is a very interesting problem, as Bert said, it is a very interesting set of problems not one problem depending on what question you are asking.

Interrupted ) B. Halperin I think there is an enormous future to this and maybe it has relevance to quantum computation, but more generally there are just an enormous number of experiments that can be done, that are just beginning to be done. S. Das Sarma I completely agree with you both, so the quantity that we are concentrated on is what will happen if you pulse it. Spin-echo is the easiest thing – you pulse it, and see how much coherence is lost. Then you can do more complicated pulsing and all of them are in some sense different problems.

S. Girvin Well, I would say we have 1/f noises and flux and critical current and electric field offset that are just ubiquitious and very poorly understood, so our strategy is to design qubits that are insensitive to that. I do not know how to just get rid of it. S. Davis It would save experimentalists a tremendous amount of trouble if there was a theorem proving that it is impossible to make a solid state quantum computer. S. Girvin Well, there is interesting physics in the attempt. D. Loss Actually, I would assume that such a theorem would be a challenge for you as an experimentalist to disprove it, right?

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