By Eric D. Reymond

A different research of the Hebrew of the lifeless Sea Scrolls
In Qumran Hebrew, Reymond examines the orthography, phonology, and morphology of the useless Sea Scrolls. brief sections deal with particular linguistic phenomena and current a synopsis and critique of prior study. Reymond's strategy emphasizes difficulties posed by means of scribal mistakes and argues that guttural letters had no longer all weakened yet in its place have been vulnerable in particular linguistic environments, texts, or dialects. Reymond illustrates that convinced phonetic shifts (such because the shift of yodh to aleph and the other shift of aleph to yodh) ensue in discernible linguistic contexts that recommend this was once a true phonetic phenomenon.

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See Milik’s analysis of ‫ קיראי‬in the above footnote 12 and Qimron, Grammar, 95. 23. Note also ‫( כוול‬4Q376 1 iii, 2); ‫ כוול‬corrected to ‫ כול‬in 4Q504 1–2R iv, 11. 24. This understanding assumes that the letters represent the qal infinitive construct “cutting off,” which appears in the MT at Hab 2:10 as ‫ ְקצוֹת‬. In a following line of this manuscript, in X, 2, the text of Hab 2:10 is quoted again, this time where the relevant word has just one mater: ‫קצות‬. ” If this is right, then ‫קצוות‬ may represent the plural construct of ‫ =( קצת‬MT ‫ ְק ָצת‬, pl.

36 QUMRAN HEBREW by defective spelling of the 2ms suffixed pronoun (‫ך‬-), while the following columns are dominated by the plene form (‫כה‬-); despite this, the 2ms perfect verbs are still spelled plene throughout 1QHa. For certain forms, defective orthography is not uncommon and is encountered with approximately equal frequency in the biblical and nonbiblical texts among the DSS-SP9 and DSS-NSP texts.

27. See Delitzsch, Lese- und Schreibfehler, 52. 28. For similar confusions in the MT, see Delitzsch, Lese- und Schreibfehler, 123– 129. , 125). , 125). 29. Assuming that the following mistakes reflect an identical pronunciation for the respective sets of letters would imply that the language had lost distinction between samekh, sade, śin, and shin, as well as between gimmel, kaph, and qoph and between daleth, tet, and taw. Such a simplification of the phonemic inventory seems wholly unjustified.

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