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The sample was fired electrically in the usual way, using a small piece of cotton fuse. In each combustion experiment, two identical microbombs were used, one in the laboratory cell, the other in the reference-cell of the differential calorimeter. Both bombs were fitted identically with platinum heater wire, and cotton fuse, but only the laboratory cell contained the combustion 44 PROGRESS IN MICROCALORIMETRY sample. Both bombs were fired simultaneously by the same electric current. This differential firing arrangement has the advantage of eliminating the correction normally re­ quired for the ignition energy.

2 . T H E EXPERIMENTAL ZERO OF A CALORIMETER ONLY A SINGLE MICROCALORIMETRIC CONTAINING ELEMENT Let us consider a calorimeter of only a single element placed in a thermostat, and suppose t h a t there is no thermal effect taking place in the calorimeter container. The curve recorded by the movement of the galvanometer spot over a period of time under these conditions is referred to as the ''experimental zer&\ I t is to be distinguished from the ''true zero", recorded by the galvanometer on open circuit.

This simple method of measurement is capable of a precision of ca, 1 part in 200. Although falling well below the degree of precision attain­ able with macro-scale bomb calorimeters, t h a t attained so far with the micro bomb is encouraging, and one can hope t h a t further improvements in design and operation will render the instrument of increasing value in this impor­ t a n t field of thermochemical study. CHAPTER 5 CALIBRATION OF T H E MICROCALORIMETER EXPERIMENTAL DETERMINATION OF T H E C O N S T A N T S OF T H E APPARATUS W E shall only consider curves t h a t have been adjusted to conform with Tian's equation.

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