By Aza Goudriaan

This booklet examines the considering a number of Reformed theologians on theological concerns which are, traditionally or by way of content material, relating to philosophy.
Three Dutch authors from successive generations are thought of particularly: Gisbertus Voetius (1589-1676), Petrus van Mastricht (1630-1706), and Anthonius Driessen (1684-1748). A variety of concerns in Christian doctrine is mentioned. those comprise the connection among theology and philosophy, production, Divine windfall, the person, and Divine and typical law.
By reconstructing the perspectives of those 3 theologians, this ebook highlights similarities and adjustments inside of Reformed orthodoxy, either in doctrine and with regards to philosophy. The alterations that hence come into sight additionally recommend that biblical Christianity outlives the philosophical gear through whose assistence it's explained.

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Extra resources for Reformed Orthodoxy And Philosophy, 1625-1750: Gisbertus Voetius, Petrus Van Mastricht, And Anthonius Driessen (Brill's Series in Church History, Volume 26)

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Van Vliet, ‘William Ames: Marrow of the Theology and Piety of the Reformed Tradition,’ PhD dissertation, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia 2002, 346–369, 373–375 (I am indebted to Grace Mullen, who drew my attention to this dissertation). See also C. Graafland, ‘Gereformeerde scholastiek VI,’ 322–323, idem, ‘Schriftleer en schriftverstaan,’ 61– 62, 64, idem, Zekerheid van het geloof, 139 n. 1 and 156–157 n. 3, and cf. remarks by K. Reuter, Wilhelm Amesius, der führende Theologe des erwachenden reformierten Pietismus, Neukirchen 1940, 29, 39, 96; W.

58–59, cf. d. ” Hugo Visscher (1864–1947) was a Dutch Reformed minister and university professor (see A. de Groot, ‘Visscher, Hugo,’ BLGNP III, 373–376, here 373). E. van Tellingen, who wrote a MA thesis on Van Mastricht (see Neele, Living to God, 314), collected other indications on the reception of Van Mastricht’s work. 74 Van Mastricht, Novitatum cartesianarum gangraena, nobiliores plerasque corporis theologici partes arrodens et exedens, seu theologia cartesiana detecta, Amsterdam 1677; the same work was later given a new title page: Theologia cartesiana detecta, seu gangraena cartesiana nobiliores plerasque corporis theologici partes arrodens et exedens, Deventer 1716.

94 M. Busscher, ’t Vraagstuk Onlangs over zekere wyze van Goddelike Openbaring etc. an de protestantsche kerk, ter nader onderzoek en beoordeling, voorgestelt door … Antonius Driessen …. Nu nader onderzogt en beoordeelt door zyn Hoog Eerw. Discipul, Groningen 1743, p. [ii] of the preface, addressing Driessen: “… In een tyt van benautheit, doe u bange was, doe de Heere U Hoog Eerw. hart kastydede (de levendige herinnering daar van perst 22 introduction Driessen studied in various places in the Netherlands (’s-Hertogenbosch, Franeker and Leiden).

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