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For example, 1. If A is true then B is true. 2. A is true. 3. Therefore B is true. [If = antecedent] [Then = consequent] For example, all crows are black—A is a crow; therefore A is black. The antecedent may have many clauses; 1. , AN are true, then B is true. 2. , AN are true. 3. Therefore B is true. The antecedent clauses are the Assumptions or tentative hypotheses and the consequent is the Prediction. Thus the major premise is the Universal Law and the minor premise is the statement of relevant initial conditions.

Material supplied by academic departments and government departments go through the process of refereeing and editing. These are far more reliable. Literature Review and Critical Reading 59 However, there is no real substitute for spending a considerable amount of time in libraries, playing detective, and tracing articles cited as references to articles you have read. You will not be able to read everything, so be selective. Reading abstracts helps in this. Remember that photocopying articles, although reassuring, is not a substitute for reading them.

What has happened in the past will continue to happen in the future. 3. Therefore there will be a recession after the current ‘boom’ is over. This syllogism shows the nature and fallacy of inductive reasoning. The essential problem with this methodological approach is the minor premise; it relies on the Principle of Regularity, which in essence can only be a matter of faith! Regularity may be defined as the conformity to enforced rules and laws. The Scottish philosopher David Hume heavily criticised induction in his treatise An Inquiry Concerning Human Understanding (1748).

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