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The principal topic of this quantity is to re-evaluate the obtained innovations and pictures of ghosts in numerous spiritual cultures starting from the traditional close to East and Egypt to the previous testomony, the Classical period, Early medieval and Early smooth Europe, Early India, and Medieval China. As a spiritual phenomenon, the world of ghosts has been much less studied than the area of the divine. via a collaborative attempt by way of students from assorted disciplines, this quantity proposes a multi-cultural method of build a much broader and complex photograph of the phenomenon of ghosts and spirits in human societies and to have a clutch of some of the difficulties curious about figuring out the phenomenon of ghost.

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WIND AND SMOKE: GIVING UP THE GHOST OF ENKIDU, COMPREHENDING ENKIDU’S GHOSTS Jerrold S. 1 Its 3,000 or so lines relate the story of the legendary king of Uruk and his friendship and adventures with his close companion Enkidu, whose subsequent death initiated the grieving Gilgamesh’s vain quest for immortality. The tale ends where it began, at the city walls of Uruk, where a wiser Gilgamesh has implicitly accepted his mortality and is ready to resume the duties of kingship. The Akkadian epic is loosely based on a group of earlier Sumerian stories about Gilgamesh, but includes as well much that is not known from the Sumerian tradition.

Eyre based on the distortions of the archaeological record, where huge cult temples survive, in which the core ritual was of restricted access, and where the emphasis of priesthood was focussed on the service of god. The priest is a ritual expert. The contrast with the great monotheisms, where the focus of priesthood is on the role of theological teacher—a focus on man and not god in the organisation of ritual—has created a gulf of understanding that is difficult to overcome. An Egyptian did not say that he ‘believed’; in religious contexts he needed to ‘know’.

In context a god may be transcendental, but he belief and the dead in pharaonic egypt 37 may equally be immanent, and then the manifestation of the greatest god, as encountered by man, is envisaged in essentially the same way as any lower category of the spiritual world. The classic manifestations of the supernatural—the ba, the ka and the akh—are equally manifestations of major gods, or of the dead, or are simply manifestations of the spiritual world of no very clearly defined origin, but which may impinge on the human and visible world.

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