By A. van Wijngaarden, B.J. Mailloux, J.E.L. Peck, C.H.A. Koster, C.H. Lindsey, M. Sintzoff, L.G.L.T. Meertens, R.G. Fisker

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B) If some condition is "required" to be satisfied during some elaboration then, if it is not so satisfied, the further elaboration is undefined. a} whose elaboration is defined by this Report. 5. Translations and variants a) The definitive version 0 of this Report is written in English. A translation T of this Report into some other language is an acceptable translation if: ALGOL 68 Revised Report 31 • T defines the same set of production trees as D. 4) and the same standard environment (lO} as 0; • T preserves, under another mode of expression.

W. s. u. ) is that selected in V by the index m J J J J J (v l' ... , v n) determined as follows: For i = 1, ... , n, Case A: T. is an integer: I • V i =T'i' Case B: T. ) of T: I • v. = w. + d .. I J J J J J The name M "generated" by a trim T from a name N which refers to a multiple value V is a {fixed} name, of the same scope as N, (not necessarily newly created) which refers to the multiple value W selected (i) by T in V. Each subname of M, as selected by an index Iw, is one of the (already existing) subnames of N, as selected by an index lv, where each Iv is determined from T and the corresponding Iw using the method given in the previous sub-section.

U in union (int, real) u; . Here, however, u, whose mode is 'rei'£'rt'nce to union oj' integral real mode', refers either to a value whose mode is 'integral' or to a value whose mode is 'real'. } The mode 'MOlD' is "united from" the mode 'MOOU' if 'Mom' is some 'union of MOOD~ETY 1 MOOD MOODSETY2 mode'. b) (There are no values whose mode begins with 'flexible'. There exist flexible names whose modes begin with 'reference to f1('xible'. g .. a 1 in flex [1: n] real al; . 0. b,c). (The deflexing process obtains 'MOm2' by removing all 'flexiblp's contained at positions in 'MOm I' where they are not also contained in any 'REF to MOID3'.

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