By John E. Hesketh, Ian F. Pryme

This quantity offers with features of the cytoskeleton in several mobile tactics reminiscent of cellphone compartmentation and organelle shipping, secretion and phone attachment.

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Association of Polysomes with the Cytoskeleton is Affected by Physiological Conditions 38 V. What is the Function of Cytoskeletal-Bound Polysomes? 39 VI. The Cytoskeleton and mRNA Localization 42 VII. Nature of the Interaction between Cytoskeleton and mRNAs and Polysomes . 46 A. Role of the 3'Untranslated Region of the mRNA 46 B. mRNA/Ribosome Binding Proteins 47 VIII. Future Perspectives 52 Acknowledgments 52 References 52 The Cytoskeleton, Volume 2 Role in Cell Physiology, pages 31-58 Copyright © 1996 by JAI Press Inc.

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