By Lisa Trumbauer

The U.S. is really a state of immigrants. Spanning the time from while the Europeans first got here to the recent international, this ebook conveys the thrill of those tales to teenagers. It highlights the subjects, humans, areas, and occasions that have been vital to every immigrant crew.

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For many Russian peasants, such radical change signaled a new and better way of life. W 55 Russian Communities Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov, who became known as V. I. Lenin, sits at a table during a meeting of the Bolshevik Party in 1918. Sympathizers to Analyzers eople in the United States watched what was happening in Russia with interest. At first, many supported the Russian Revolution. The United States itself had fought against a tyrannical monarchy in the American Revolution. People in the United States also believed that everyone should have an equal chance to work, vote, and participate in the government.

But as they stepped off the boat that took them from Ellis Island to Manhattan, they learned that the streets were covered not in gold, but in stone, just like the streets in Russia. People surged through the city, speaking a variety of exotic-sounding languages. Horses clopped past, vendors called from street corners, and buildings stood several stories high. For most newcomers, the scene was both frightening and exciting. If the immigrants were fortunate, they knew someone in New York. If the immigrants were complete strangers to the city, they searched for a neighborhood where they felt most comfortable.

At first, the people of Russia supported the A czar in the war. But after several major battles, it became obvious that the Russian government under During the years of the Soviet Union, the czar was not prepared for war. the city of Saint Petersburg was After three years, between 6 and 8 renamed Leningrad. In 1914, the million Russian soldiers were dead, city’s name had been changed to wounded, or missing. Nearly 4 Petrograd. It was changed to million soldiers were killed during Leningrad in 1924 in honor of the the first year of the war alone.

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