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Ps. ]. By these words God's fatherly favor and the es- Introduction 25 pecial witness of spiritual life are limited to his flock, so that it is always disastrous to leave the church. 9 Novel interpretations about anything, let alone the Sacrament of Baptism, should be avoided. We should arrive at the same views of Baptism as the Church of all ages. Believe it or not, the Church of the English Reformation opposed the late Medieval Church for its novelty. The English Reformers argued instead that they wanted to return to the original doctrines as contained in the Holy Scriptures and as always believed at all times by all of God's people.

Baptism is New Covenant Circumcision. It replaces the Old Testament rite of blood with the rite of water, making Holy Baptism all that Circumcision was and even more. For the moment, however, let us consider how the language of sign and seal, an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace, is specifically based upon Holy Scripture going all the way back to the beginning of God's revelation. Sacrament: A Biblical Concept A Sacrament is a special, Biblical symbol created or used by God to convey His grace.

There is a hierarchical order of Scripture to Church (not the reverse), but there is also an organic relation between the believing communion and the Bible. In this sense, the Bible in a vacuum apart from the Church is not self-interpreting. Certainly the great Reformation axiom of"Scripture by Scripture," which says that Scripture should be interpreted by other Scripture, is valid. Even so, Holy Scripture was not revealed with cross-references in the original text. The Church, or someone, put those references in the margins.

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