By Count Leon de Poncins, Timothy Tindal-Robertson

Writer has a variety of titles exposing the subversive and covert affects bent on destroying Christian civilization. Translated from the 1975 variation from French by means of Timothy Tindal-Robertson in 1988 and revealed by means of us with the permission of Mr. Robertson. 5-1/2" X 8-1/2" X 3/8". 192 Pages. click "CPA BOOKS" to view extra books we need to supply.

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Sir Charles S n o w : Science and Government, pp. 47-48) " T h e A i r M i n i s t r y fell i n b e h i n d the L i n d e m a n n paper. T h e m i n o r i t y v i e w was not o n l y defeated, but squashed. T h e atmosphere . . had just the perceptible smell of a w i t c h h u n t (p. 5 0 ) . . C h u r c h i l l and L i n d e m a n n really d i d w o r k together o n a l l scientific decisions and o n a good m a n y others, as one m i n d . I n his early days as grey eminence to the Prime M i n i s t e r , L i n d e m a n n made i t obvious, b y h o l d i n g his interviews i n 10 D o w n i n g Street, or b y threatening C h u r c h i l l ' s intervention.

H e was rather given to these impetuous flashes w h i c h were aU very w e l l i n conversation, b u t not i n a w r i t t e n minute. It m i g h t have led people to suppose that the Prime M i n i s t e r h i m self had been misled b y his m i h t a r y advisers to acquiescing i n a policy of terror-bombing, because they h a d dressed i t u p i n ' m i l i t a r y ' garments. " I n the face of the A i r Staff's objection to his first minute, die Prime M i n i s t e r wrote a second one, more circumspectly worded than the first.

Firstly, between 3rd September 1939 and n t h M a y 1940 the air forces of the two sides adhered to the conventional regulations of war adopted b y c i v i l i z e d countries, and o n l y bombed m i l i t a r y objectives. B u t o n n t h M a y 1940, the day after the G e r m a n offensive was unleashed on the western front, the B r i t i s h Government adopted a n e w definition as to what constituted m i h t a r y objectives. U n t i l that time, any b u i l d i n g or enterprise c o n t r i b u t i n g directly or indirectly to the w a r effort had been considered as a m i h t a r y objective.

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