When picking up stitches for a left ear, begin near the top of the head and work your way down the side of the head. When picking up stitches for a right ear, begin at the side of the head and work your way toward the top of the head. If you find it difficult to pick up the stitches by wrapping a needle, use a small crochet hook. When using a hook, you can either slip each stitch onto a knitting needle after you pick it up, or pick them all up in a row on the hook and then transfer them all onto a knitting needle.

You’ll need is a crochet hook (more or less the same size as your knitting needles) and a pair of scissors. Cut about a 5" strand of contrasting yarn. Insert the crochet hook under a bar that appears between 2 stitches on the main piece, and hook the folded strand of contrasting yarn onto it. Draw the crochet hook out from under the bar on the main piece, pulling the contrasting yarn partway out with it. Remove the crochet hook from the loop of contrasting yarn, and insert the 2 tail ends through the loop.

Break the yarn and draw it tightly through the sts with a tapestry needle, pulling the yarn across the purl side and inserting it into the opposite stitch. FINISHING With Black, embroider eyes onto the Pear using 2 small sts for each, spaced about 2 sts apart. With Brown, embroider spots onto the Pear with one small st for each spot. Weave in loose ends. Tiny Corn Genetically modified for cuteness! S. 25mm) double-pointed needles Small tapestry needle Stuffing Tiny Corn is about 1" tall, or 8 times tinier than a real ear of corn.

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