By Pete Hamill

In a stately West Village townhouse, a filthy rich socialite and her secretary are murdered. within the 24 hours that stick with, a flurry of task circles round their surprising deaths: the top of 1 of the city's final tabloids stops the presses. A cop investigates the killing. A reporter chases the tale. A disgraced hedge fund supervisor flees the rustic. An Iraq warfare vet seeks revenge. And an indignant younger extremist plots a huge catastrophe.

The urban is many stuff: a proving floor, a decadent playground, or a palimpsest of memories-- a historical city eclipsed through sleek instances. As a lot a mystery because it is a gripping portrait of the town of this day, TABLOID CITY[i][/i]is a brand new fiction vintage from the author who has captured it completely for many years.

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