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Concise, but jam-packed with details, those easy volumes are introductions to fashionable countries of the area.

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The combination of all of these demographic features of the Taiwan population presents you with a nation that has reaped the benefits of actively working to bring population growth into control. It shows the rewards of such efforts in the low rates of infant mortality, the high age of life expectancy; and the relatively prosperous per capita income earned by the Taiwan population. POPULATION DISTRIBUTION For the past four centuries the population distribution of Taiwan has been surprisingly constant.

Thoughtful institutional planning, robust economic activity, and the social well-being of a country’s population are keys to a country’s success. Their implementation and success depend upon careful planning and a sound and stable government. Such a process begins, in good part, with accommodating the needs of the under-15 cohort of the population. Taiwan has been particularly attentive to this pattern. Percent of Population Over 65 Years of Age Taiwan’s medical successes have had a major impact on the steady growth of the over-65 age cohort.

5 million population, they have traditional presence and some governmental authority over the use of the forested lands that lie above the terraces and of the piedmont villages. These people—and there are (at least) ten different groups—have only slowly acculturated (mixed in) with the Taiwan Chinese. During the Japanese colonial period (1895 –1945), they were a particularly resistant minority force and required considerable Japanese effort to bring them under control as the Japanese attempted to tap highland forest resources.

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