By Philip Carter

Emotional Intelligence, mostly often called EQ (emotional quotient) is the facility to concentrate on one's personal feelings and people of different humans. an increasing number of businesses are utilizing EQ exams to vet task candidates and investigate staff.  attempt Your EQ is for someone dealing with any such test.  It is helping task applicants take into consideration a number of points in their personalities, choosing their strengths and weaknesses. every one try covers a distinct character trait via an research and evaluation. applicants can be in a position to organize for the true exams, improve their power, construct on their strengths, and increase on parts of weak spot

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A No B Yes C It depends who I am talking to Answer Extrovert or introvert 49 24. Which of the following words best describes you? A Private B Communicative C Willing Answer 25. How good are you at making small talk? A Hopeless B Pretty good C Although small talk is pretty irrelevant, I am able to make small talk when the need or situation arises Answer Scoring Award yourself 2 points for every ‘b’ answer, 1 point for every ‘c’, and 0 points for every ‘a’ answer. Total score 36–50 Total score 30–35 Total score 21–29 Total score 16–20 Total score below 15 Highly extrovert Above average extrovert Average Above average introvert Highly introvert Analysis Virtually all analyses of a person’s personality include the concept of Extroversion–Introversion.

Luck has a habit of balancing itself out – probably I’m no luckier or unlucky than the next person. 5 4 3 2 1 Answer 18. I find it very easy to strike up a conversation with strangers on a train journey. 5 4 3 2 1 Answer 19. If I bumped another car in a car park I would always own up and if there was no one around I would leave a message for the other driver, together with my contact details, offering to make good the damage. 5 4 3 2 1 Answer 20. I believe in paying all bills within a few days of receiving them.

44 Test your EQ 1. I make friends very easily and quickly. A Not particularly B Yes C I tend to have more long-standing friendships than ones that are made easily and quickly Answer 2. Does being the centre of attention bother you? A Yes B Not in the slightest C Sometimes Answer 3. When you are performing a task that requires a great deal of concentration do you perform better in solitude and silence? A I am easily distracted by noise and other activity and would perform the task much better in solitude and silence B I cannot perform well in complete silence and solitude and prefer some background noise or activity C I am not really bothered if the conditions are noisy as I have the powers of concentration to shut out the noise if necessary Answer 4.

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