By Rodney Dawber, Ivan Bristow, Warren Turner

This article discusses the issues and illnesses of the foot from a dermatological element of view.

summary: this article discusses the issues and illnesses of the foot from a dermatological perspective

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38 Dry gangrene of the hallux. Hyperkeratosis (corns and callus) is also indicative of high pressure and indicates risk of ulceration. A neuropathic patient may not complain of pain in corns or calluses of the feet and many lesions are ignored or neglected. The presence of hyperkeratosis in a diabetic should always be viewed with suspicion and the lesion and the underlying pressure managed appropriately. Early ulcerative damage is indicated by extravasation of hyperkeratosis, inflammation of surrounding skin, or exudation.

Most frequently the condition only develops after puberty. Various forms of the disease (particularly late onset) have been associated with internal malignancy. Arsenical ingestion. g. psoriasis), arsenic produces small brown keratoses on the palms and soles. 23 (a) Nail changes in pachyonychia congenita. (b) Skin involvement in pachonychia congenita. Palmo-plantar ectodermal dysplasias These conditions show PPK and encompass other ectodermal defects (hair/tooth/nail/neurological signs). Papillon-Lefèvre syndrome.

58 SKIN DISORDERS Secondary erythema is sometimes an important pointer to systemic illness, for example palmar erythema in liver disease. The erythema usually improves when the primary disease process or cause is treated. Vasculitis Vasculitis implies inflammation of blood vessels. Small and/or large vessels may be involved and the inflammation my be transient or progressive. 8. Small vessel vasculitis Acrocyanosis. This is a common peripheral circulatory defect affecting small arteries and arterioles of hands, feet, nose, ears and cheeks.

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