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The back story is pretty standard stuff (a wizard’s apprentice putting paid to some evil dude’s nefarious antics), but what’s fascinating is the impressive number of cross-genre elements seamlessly blended into the gameplay. RPG, beat-‘em-up, shmup, puzzle and adventure all intertwine in this impressive demonstration of what the CD32 was really capable of. The whole thing gets kicked in the nads by a crippling lack of a save option, however. Damn shame about that. Yes sir. 04 It’s rare to find a decent shmup on the Amiga and even rarer to discover one on the CD32, so when you discover one as good as Banshee you’re not going to let it out of your sight.

In short, the CD32 may not have been the best model of Amiga ever made, but it was certainly the most interesting and seemed to point the way for a possible bright future for the Amiga format before Commodore kicked the bucket and left us with what is essentially a more accessible Amiga 1200, with a couple of exclusive games, but one that’s nowhere near as bad as some like to make out. » A 6-page CD32 supplement given away free with Amiga Format in September 1993. Unlocking the CD32’s true potential It is possible to add floppy disk drives, hard drives and a keyboard to the CD32 to turn the console into a fully-fledged Amiga computer.

One thing that’s worth noting is that while the Amiga version is a very good port, it does pale in comparison to the DOS version, particularly the CD-ROM offering. Loads come quickly and often on the 16-bit machine, require annoying changes that do break the flow of the adventure a bit. I originally purchased a second floppy drive due to the excruciating loading times, and it sadly hasn’t gotten any better with age. Stick with it though as this is arguably the best use of the D&D licence on a 16-bit system and easily the best D&D game of all time.

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