By Marius Benta

A one-act play with 4 characters (two men and females).

Synopsis: pressured to spend the final years of his lifestyles on the Charenton asylum, THE MARQUIS unearths his little pleasures in writing his arguable fictions and staging performs for the inmates. He spends his days along with his very younger lover MADELEINE and his spouse CONSTANCE, the latter passing on the asylum as his daughter. having fun with the sympathy of the asylum's director, THE MARQUIS lives at Charenton a more-or-less cozy existence. besides the fact that, while the the director is brushed aside from workplace and changed by way of the sexually repressed healthcare professional ROYER, the peace of THE MARQUIS is long past. Afraid that THE MARQUIS could use a compromising letter opposed to him, ROYER tortures him to dying, and rapes the 2 ladies.

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That room is cold and dirty. You even took away his notebooks. You’re making his life so miserable! Hasn’t he suffered enough so far? ROYER. Madame, this conversation is not acceptable. You are not in a position to question my authority or my instructions related to the medical treatment administered to my patients. CONSTANCE. But I am in a position to... ROYER. Should you not reconsider your position, I will be forced to take proper measures in your respect. CONSTANCE. I am definitely in a position to ask such questions, because I am extremely concerned over the well being of my father!

Royer made a mess of your room upstairs. I’ve no idea what he’s after. THE MARQUIS. I do. He’s looking for a particular let- 39 ter. The recommendation letter that he never sent to Massé. CONSTANCE. [browsing her memory] Recommendation letter... Oh, but that was five years ago! THE MARQUIS. Actually, more than ten years ago. CONSTANCE. Don’t tell me you black-mailed him with that letter? THE MARQUIS. Could I have missed the opportunity? CONSTANCE. And where is the letter now? THE MARQUIS. You don’t remember what I did with it?

Forbidden! [With each hit, THE MARQUIS releases a simulated flatulation that sounds every time different: Low, high, 47 long, short, etc. ] MADELEINE. [with academic voice] While most of us relate BDSM practices to irrational violence and shocking images of gear made of leather and metal, informed people know that such techniques involve, first of all, an emotional dimension that opens the gate to a different plane of consciousness. This, in specific terms, is called a subspace. [Flagellation stops.

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