For years, this version of the Bhagavad Gītā has allowed all people with a full of life curiosity during this religious vintage to come back into direct touch with the richness and resonance of the unique textual content. Winthrop Sargeant’s interlinear version offers a word-for-word English translation besides the devanagari characters and the transliterated Sanskrit. targeted grammatical observation and page-by-page vocabularies are incorporated, and an entire translation of every part is outlined on the backside of every web page, permitting readers to show the pages and enjoy the paintings in Sargeant’s translation besides. Discussions of the language and surroundings of the Gītā are supplied and, during this re-creation, editor Christopher Key Chapple deals advice on how you can get the main out of this interlinear version. lengthy a favourite of religious seekers and students, lecturers and scholars, and enthusiasts of global literature, Sargeant’s variation endures as a very good source for twenty-first-century readers.

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Pronounced as in judge or jump. , hedgehog (hejhog). " " , French bon, or as in hinge (hinge). " " ,, true. " " , , anth ill. " , drum. " " , redhead. " " , none. " " , tone or tub. " " , , nuthatch. " , dot (slightly toward the th sound). " " , adhere. " " , nut or thin. " " , pot or hip. " " , uphill or shepherd. " " , beer or rub. " " , , abhor. " , man or ham. " " , young or royal. " " , , red or shear. " , law or lead. " " like w in twine or wind. " as m sure. " , , shut or bush. " , , sin or hiss.

N. B. There is a long tradition involving the pronunciation ri for this vowel, and it is recommended by Monier-Williams on grounds of euphony. It is used by many Indians, and it survives in the ri of Sanskrit (Samskrta). But the ri pronunciation has been abandoned by most present-day Sanskrit scholars in favor of a simple vowel r such as appears in many Slavonic languages. the same pronunciation, more prolonged. pronounced by many Indians and the English as "lry" (as in revelry), but probably originally a pure I vowel as in the "le" of "simple" (see Whitney 24).

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