By Bob Shepherd

After approximately twenty years of SAS operations, together with a by no means sooner than released function within the notorious Bravo 0 patrol, Bob retired from the army to paintings as an consultant at the foreign advertisement defense circuit.

Certain his most deadly days have been in the back of him, Bob settled right into a sedate existence taking care of VIPs. Then Sept. 11 occurred. Bob chanced on himself again in conflict zones on assignments way more perilous than something he had encountered within the SAS: from ferrying newshounds throughout firing strains within the West financial institution and Gaza to vacationing to the center of Osama bin Laden’s Afghan lair. As a part of a two-man group, Bob sought for ITN Correspondent Terry Lloyd’s lacking group in Basra, Iraq, whereas in Afghanistan, he was once compelled to spend the evening because the in simple terms Westerner in Khost – with a $25,000 bounty on his head.

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