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This ebook is designed to take this easy-to-use and customizable program and exhibit you what you

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The Definitive Guide to SugarCRM: Better Business Applications (Books for Professionals by Professionals)

SugarCRM is considered one of if no longer the best Open resource CRM answer available on the market at five. five million downloads and becoming and with approximately 17,000 registered builders and plenty extra clients. this may be the authentic, definitive booklet written through SugarCRM and recommended by means of SugarCRM. additionally, this publication will be additionally the single SugarCRM developer ebook so as to tackle the platform similar beneficial properties given that SugarCRM five.

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As info applied sciences develop into more and more allotted and obtainable to bigger variety of humans and as advertisement and govt agencies are challenged to scale their functions and providers to greater industry stocks, whereas lowering bills, there's call for for software program methodologies and appli- tions to supply the next positive aspects: Richer program end-to-end performance; relief of human involvement within the layout and deployment of the software program; Flexibility of software program behaviour; and Reuse and composition of current software program functions and structures in novel or adaptive methods.

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Numerical computation, wisdom discovery and statistical facts research built-in with robust 2nd and 3D images for visualisation are the foremost subject matters of this publication. The Python code examples powered through the Java platform can simply be reworked to different programming languages, similar to Java, Groovy, Ruby and BeanShell.

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This kind of situation is a common one, and can provide hooks to direct different views to use depending upon the state of the application or the type of request being made. For example, you could have different views based upon whether json or HTML data is being requested, but the core logic could use the same action hook. php in the module’s directory. Listing 2-3 is an example where you will override the Meetings module EditView action to allow marking a meeting completed by passing the request variable 'close'.

Fields An array that specifies the field that makes up the index, in the order you want them indexed. For example: 'fields' => array('id','name','deleted'),. Db Set to one of mysql, mssql, or oracle if you only want the index in that respective database. Defaults to setting the index in all databases. Com CHAPTER 2 ■ MVC ARCHITECTURE Listing 2-13 is an example of some indexes for the aforementioned applicants module, as they would be defined in the vardefs files. Listing 2-13. php $dictionary['Applicants']['indices'][] = array( 'name' =>'applicantspk', 'type' =>'primary', 'fields'=>array('id') ); $dictionary['Applicants']['indices'][] = array( 'name' =>'idx_applicants_name', 'type' =>'index', 'fields'=>array('last_name','first_name')) ); $dictionary['Applicants']['indices'][] = array( 'name' =>'idx_applicants_name_unique', 'type' =>'unique', 'fields'=>array('last_name','first_name','position_id')) ); You defined three indices for the table.

Listing 2-7. action_helloworld() Controller Method public function action_helloworld() { $this->view = 'helloworld'; } The key here is to make sure the view property of the controller is set to the name of the view to call. From there, you can create your own view, which is defined in either the custom/include/MVC/View/views directory for the case of an application level view (available to all modules) in the module/modulename/views, or custom/module/modulename/views directory for those views only defined at the module level.

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