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SugarCRM is one in all if no longer the best Open resource CRM resolution on the market at 5.5 million downloads and becoming and with approximately 17,000 registered builders and many extra clients. it will be the legitimate, definitive publication written through SugarCRM and recommended by means of SugarCRM. additionally, this ebook will be additionally the one SugarCRM developer e-book with a purpose to handle the platform similar positive factors for the reason that SugarCRM 5.0.

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The Definitive Guide to SugarCRM: Better Business Applications (Books for Professionals by Professionals)

SugarCRM is considered one of if now not the top Open resource CRM resolution on the market at five. five million downloads and starting to be and with approximately 17,000 registered builders and plenty extra clients. this may be the respectable, definitive publication written via SugarCRM and recommended through SugarCRM. additionally, this booklet will be additionally the single SugarCRM developer ebook that allows you to handle the platform comparable gains on account that SugarCRM five.

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24 CHAPTER 2 ■ MVC ARCHITECTURE Table 2-3. Attributes in the Fields Array Key of the vardefs Attribute Default Setting Description name -- The name of the field should be set to the same value as the key to this fielddef. vname -- The language pack id for the label of this field. This is used in the metadata layer to provide a display label for the field. type -- The type of the attribute: 'relate' represents a field in a related bean. 'datetime' is a date and time value. 'bool' is a boolean value.

Because of this, Sugar has always been particular to which files are granted the privilege of being able to be an initial file requested from the browser, or entrypoint, so that those cases are taken care of properly. 1 added the ability to directly handle them though the MVC framework. php, and specifies the available entrypoints, where they exist in the filesystem, and if it requires authentication or not. php file that ships with SugarCRM. Listing 2-10. php', 'auth' => true), The key of the $entry_point_registry registry array is the entrypoint name, which will be given as a part of the URL.

Its purpose is to provide all the methods you need in the controller to interact with the module. It comes with several methods by default, such as handle saving, deleting, and retrieving records, as well as helper methods for the standard views that ship with SugarCRM (Detail, Edit, and List views). 22 CHAPTER 2 ■ MVC ARCHITECTURE One thing most people notice as they build modules in SugarCRM is that often times they will share the same or similar fields with other modules. These modules may also be objects that represent the same kind of entity.

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