By Luis de la Peña, Ana María Cetto, Andrea Valdés Hernández

This monograph provides the most recent findings from a long term examine undertaking meant to spot the physics at the back of Quantum Mechanics. A basic idea for quantum mechanics is made from first actual ideas, revealing quantization as an emergent phenomenon coming up from a deeper stochastic strategy. As such, it deals the colourful group engaged on the rules of quantum mechanics an alternate contribution open to dialogue. The ebook begins with a severe precis of the most conceptual difficulties that also beset quantum mechanics. the elemental attention is then brought that any fabric approach is an open process in everlasting touch with the random zero-point radiation box, with which it will possibly achieve a kingdom of equilibrium. operating from this foundation, a finished and self-consistent theoretical framework is then built. The pillars of the quantum-mechanical formalism are derived, in addition to the radiative corrections of nonrelativistic QED, whereas revealing the underlying actual mechanisms. The genesis of a few of the principal positive factors of quantum thought is elucidated, akin to atomic balance, the spin of the electron, quantum fluctuations, quantum nonlocality and entanglement. the speculation built the following reaffirms primary clinical ideas corresponding to realism, causality, locality and objectivity.

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The seed planted by Schrödinger expanded much later into a fuller theory in terms of Bernstein processes (Blanchard and Garbaczewski 1994; Jamison 1974; Zambrini 1986; see also Cramer 1986; Garbaczewski 1990, 1992, 1992, 1993a, 1993b, 1994, 1995. 2 The Stochastic Description of Quantum Mechanics 35 of such process turns out to be the same as that of a Brownian particle (Abbott and Wise 1981). This fact is in itself interesting, although one can think with no less legitimacy of a phase-space description, and then the analogy breaks down.

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