By Siegfried Breyer

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8% - ca. 4% ca. 1% - ca. 0% - ca. 7% ca. 9% ca. 2% ca. 6% - ca. 15,540 tons 3,805 tons 1,300 tons 1,515 tons 600 tons 800 tons 565 tons 650 tons 4,945 tons 100% - ca. 29,720 tons ·Statislics essentially from Hadeler, IJt,1' F'llg::"f'llglriigf'r. Munich 196M. 30 meters 'Extended according to greater heating oil capacity; definite statistics not available. 33 NEW LIFE FOR AIRCRAFT CARRIER CONSTRUCTION From the end of the 1940 war year on, German naval leadership concerned itself-at least partially as a result of the successful British carrier-plane attack on the Italian fleet at Tarento-with con· siderations as to how to remedy the lack of aircraft carriers most quickly.

95 The Battleship Bismark Ulrich Elfrath- ALSO FROM SCHIFFER MILITARY HISTORY The Pocket Battleship"" Admiral GrafSpee" Siegfried Breyer. The dramatic career of Germany's largest naval vessel until 1938, and the first heavy-class ship lost in the Second World War, is told in word and picture. A final section of this book presents short articles about more recent ships, including the French nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Charles deGauIIe, nuclearpowered submarine ballistic missiles, and a new ship for the American Marines.

The originally planned 2 em single anti-aircraft guns were also no longer sufficient. Instead of them, 2 em quadruple mounts were called for, with larger supplies of ammunition-now 56,000 rounds compared the former 14,000. As for aircraft, 28 "Ju 87" dive-bombers and twelve "BF 109" fighter planes were now planned for, forty planes in all. Because of the steadily increasing danger of air attacks, the transfer of the ship, under the false name of "Zander", to Kiel, where the planned work was to be done, was delayed.

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