By Larry Niven, Hal Colebatch

The 1st colonists from Earth named the planet Wunderland. Generations later, the felinoid alien invaders known as Kzin got here and grew to become it right into a hell for people. Touched on in different debts of the Man-Kzin wars, right here for the 1st time is the decades-long saga of Wunderland: how the Wunderlanders first realized of the Kzin assaults on the earth by means of slower-than-light communications, slightly in time to arrange to struggle again. How the valiant human defenders grew to become to guerilla war within the Wunderland jungles and caves after the pussycat warrior race had destroyed or seized the towns. How, after the conflict led to an ignominous defeat for the Kzin, a few people and Kzin labored for solid will among the 2 species-their paintings complex by way of people short of revenge and Kzin who nonetheless observed people as a slightly tense meals resource. and the way a human-Kzin crew used to be despatched to enquire a mysterious asteroid and located a risk not just to either species, yet to the total galaxy. The people desired to wreck it, however the Kzin desired to take advantage of it, and the single wish was once a Kzin telepath raised by means of people from a cub. Which facet could he decide upon, monkey or warcat?

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Ribbons of slowly falling dust spiraled up around them and marked their progress. They knew that made them easy meat for a sniper, had there been one to shoot at them. Kyle scanned the area. The stars were smears of distant light. The crags, those that had survived, stood as they had for thousands of years. In spite of the fact that everything looked normal - it didn't feel normal - and that was what bothered him. Both because he'd been trained to make fact based decisions, and because the feeling was so strong.

Hong shot the axeman through the head, shot him a second time just to make sure, and led the charge that secured the room and fifty feet of passageway. With that accomplished, Kyle took a moment to assess the situation. A quick count revealed that the platoon had suffered thirty percent casualties, with the second squad being nearly all killed, the third having lost two men, and the first, which had passed through the locks last, almost untouched. So much for the walkover theory. If this was the Academy's idea of easy, it was a wonder that anyone survived to graduate.

Excellent. " Thrawn had turned, and was about to leave, when Jerec spoke again. "One more thing . " The officer turned at the sound. of Jerec's voice. " Thrawn was well aware of what Jerec wanted but nodded dutifully and said, "Yes, sir," with exactly the same intonation he had used the first time the order had been issued. Besides being a brilliant tactician, and even better strategist, Thrawn had still another virtue, and that was his absolute lack of ego. Something of a necessity for an officer with alien origins in a military organization rife with patronage and politics.

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