By Amit Goswami

This booklet was once designed as a textbook for college kids who have to fill their technological know-how requirement. The Quantum Revolution discusses how quantum idea overthrew the target, materialist and determinist worldviews of classical physics. The textual content emphasizes how quantum physics might reestablish recognition as a causal agent in technological know-how by way of delving into quantum non-locality and its implications to society.

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The point is this. Discontinuity means a breakdown of causal continuity. We cannot give a precise cause as to when the electron is going to make a jump. 5), we cannot say precisely which orbit the electron is going to leap to or when. The electron's quantum leaping is acausal. So is it an act of free will of the electron? 5 The observer does not know to which orbit the electron will jump. or when. 40 The Bohr Atom the picture, the subjects, or observers. The discontinuity in the movement ofthe electron, when properly viewed from the vantage point oflater-discovered mathematics of the new physics, suggests no less than a discontinuity in our knowledge about the electron.

Particles are localized entities, always following definite trajectories of movement. In contrast, waves spread out, they have the ability of being in two or more places at the same time. Verify this. Throw a ball and see that it describes a trajectory, always being at one place at a time. Now speak and see that more than one person can simultaneously hear your every word, giving away the secret that waves can reach more than one place at the same time. So Einstein's discovery of the particle nature oflight in addition to the earlier-known wave nature makes one thing very clear.

62 X 10-34 /\. - mv - 2 x 10-3 X 300 "I - _ h - 10-33 meter. This is really, really small, and nature does not give us any holes or obstacles of this size to experiment with the wave nature of macroscopic matter waves propagating in space. So we are never going to encounter interference or diffraction with macroscopic matter waves propagating in space. 4 Diffraction pattern produced by electrons when passed through an aluminum foil (left) is qualitatively the same as that produced by X-rays on aluminum (right).

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