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For every type or subtype T, the following attribute is defined: T'BASE 3-9 The base type of T. This attribute is allowed only as the prefix of the name of another attribute: for example, T'BASE 'FIRST. 2). 3). Some operations of a type operate on values of the type, for example, predeflned operators and certain subprograms and attributes. The evaluation of some operations of a type returns a value of the type, for example, Iiterals and certain functions, attributes, and predeflned operators. Assignment is an operation that operates on an object and a value.

I. 5, object 3,2. 4 Derived Types A derived type definition defines a new (base) type whose characteristics are derived from those of a parent type; the new type is called a derived type. A derived type definition further defines a derived subtype, which is a subtype of the derived type, derived_type_definition ::= new subtype_indication The subtype indication that occurs after the reserved word new defines the parent subtype. The parent type is the base type of the parent subtype. If a constraint exists for the parent subtype, a similar constraint exists for the derived subtype; the only difference is that for a range constraint, and likewise for a floating or fixed point constraint that includes a range constraint, the value of each bound is replaced by the corresponding value of the derived type, The characteristics of the derived type are defined as follows: • The derived type belongs to the same class of types as the parent type, The set of possible values for the derived type is a copy of the set of possible values for the parent type.

Real_type_definition '::= floating_poinLconstraint I fixed_point_constraint A set of numbers called model numbers is associated with each real type. Error bounds on the predefined operations are given in terms of the model numbers. An implementation of the type must include at least these model numbers and represent them exactly. An implementation-dependent set of numbers, called the safe numbers, is also associated with each real type. The set of safe numbers of a real type must include at least the set of model numbers of the type.

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