By Gary G Miller

Highlights the Rhine River, an important transportation path in Western Europe.

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The Sandoz chemical spill devastates the Rhine River. The Main-Danube Canal is completed. Devastating floods damage the Rhine region. Government officials from nations bordering the Rhine River adopt the Rhine 2020 Program to restore the ecosystem and improve flood protection and groundwater protection. A wild salmon is found in the Rhine River at Basel, Switzerland; it is the first wild salmon spotted so far upriver in 50 years. 29 GLOSSARY annexed Formally incorporated (a region or other territory) within a country canals Human-made waterways that are used for shipping or irrigation delta A triangular or fan-shaped area of land at the mouth of a river drainage basin The area of land drained by a river and its tributaries dredge To deepen (as a waterway) with a digging machine economically Related to an area's economy—that is, the way money and goods are produced, consumed, and distributed ecosystem A complex community of organisms and their environments functioning as a unit floodplain The flat or nearly flat land along a river or stream or land that is covered by water during a flood fortifications Structures designed for defense against attack gorge A narrow canyon with steep walls groundwater Water within Earth, especially that supplies wells and springs hydroelectric Relating to electricity that is produced by using the movement of water irrigation The watering of land in an artificial way to foster plant growth lumber Wood that is ready for use as a building material migration Periodic movement from one region to another for feeding or breeding mouth: The place where a river enters a larger body of water navigable Deep enough and wide enough for ships to pass through pesticides Chemicals used to kill insects and other pests that harm crops or other plants pharmaceuticals Drugs used for medical purposes reefs Chains of rocks or coral or ridges of sand at or near the surface of water rift A crack in Earth’s crust that widens over time silt Small particles of sand or rock left as sediment topography The shape of the land surface habitats The environments in which certain plants or animals naturally live and grow headwaters Streams that form the sources of a river 30 tracts Large areas of land or water tributaries Smaller rivers and streams that flow into larger bodies of water wastewater Water that has been used (as in a manufacturing process) FIND OUT MORE BOOKS Foley, Ronan.

Serving as entryways into new lands for explorers, great civilizations often developed along their banks. Today, rivers are just as vital for transportation, creating hydroelectricity, and supplying water. What steps are being taken to protect the world’s great rivers from these human acitivities? The Rhine Europe’s River Highway For thousands of years, the Rhine River has been a vital transportation route, flowing north from the Alps through the heart of Europe. Armies have fought for control of the Rhine since ancient Roman times.

Celebrate! Germany. Facts on File, 2009. Rees, Fran. Johannes Gutenberg: Inventor of the Printing Press. Compass Point Books, 2006. Aloian, Molly and Bobbie Kalman. Explore Europe. Crabtree Publishing Company, 2009. &menuid=104&parentid=87 ABOUT THE AUTHOR Gary Miller is a writer and documentary filmmaker. He has written about everything from burrowing owls and gorillas to wireless technology and wild wolves. Gary has interviewed country music stars, stock car racers, stunt plane fliers, civil rights pioneers, and rocket scientists.

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