By Sally M Walker

On best of a mountain in Antarctica, scientists find a 190-million-year-old fossil. it's the first proof chanced on exhibiting dinosaurs lived in mainland Antarctica. Hunt for fossils and observe what existence could have been like there thousands of years in the past.

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Glossary base camp: the place where a group of people eats, sleeps, and stores supplies for a time continent (KAHN-tuh-nuhnt): one of Earth’s very large land areas. North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica are continents. org/resources/Bears2005/ Chrisp, Peter. Dinosaur Detectives. New York: Dorling Kindersley, 2001. php Goodman, Susan E. Life on the Ice. Minneapolis: Millbrook Press, 2006. Hooper, Meredith. The Island That Moved: How Shifting Forces Shape Our Earth.

Then they were put onto a big ship. Hammer didn’t see them again until months later. By then, he was very eager to find out exactly what his crew had collected. 31 In the Laboratory: Rock Island, Illinois Removing the rock from around a fossil is hard work. Hammer’s assistants removed the rock with a tool called an air scribe. An air scribe is like a tiny jackhammer. Working very slowly, they chipped away teeny pieces of rock. It took almost one year to remove rock from around the large skull. By then, there was no doubt what the bones were.

December 2005. , James W. Collinson, and William J. Ryan III. ” Antarctica Science 2, no. 2 (1990): 163–167. , and William J. Hickerson. ” Science 264, no. 5160 (1994): 828–830. Mullen, William. ” Chicago Tribune, January 25, 2004, Metro section. National Geographic. ” October 1994, Geographica section. 48 ROCKS, ICE, AND SNOW. That is all Dr. William Hammer and his crew can see when they look at the land around them on Earth’s coldest continent. But on top of a mountain, the scientists discover a 190million-year-old fossil.

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