By Halkin, Hillel; Orlev, Uri

Michael’s grandfather has a secret—a mystery that’s nearly too unusual to percentage . . .

while Michael strikes to Israel, he leaves loneliness in the back of and steps into the sunshine of his grandfather’s magic. Like a sorcerer’s apprentice, Michael learns tips to blur the traces among desires and truth whilst his grandfather palms down the main worthy of gifts—a reward that permits Michael passage into his grandfather’s dreams.

Written with a quiet simplicity that wins the reader over immediately Uri Orlev writes in a mode so certain and but so unassuming that it really is guaranteed to linger in reader’s minds lengthy after turning the final page.

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Each time he came to visit, he brought wood from the storeroom, carrying it on his shoulder like a construction worker. He built a base of crumpled newspapers and dry twigs and laid on it the pine and olive branches whose smell his grandfather loved, exactly as Grandpa had taught him. He was very proud of his new duty and wished his parents had a fireplace, too. He would have visited his grandfather in the stormiest weather just to make a fire. One day, he was sitting on the couch facing the fireplace with Grandpa's arm around him.

That same day, he told Mr. Albert about his grandfather and the house in Jerusalem that they were moving to from Port Washington. "I'll be back, though," he promised. " "He's very old," Michael said. " This was something Michael remembered hearing. "Perhaps," Mr. Albert said thoughtfully, "he'll be your friend, too. " That day Michael went home early and looked at his father's photograph album. He studied each one of the old pictures of his grandfather, who had argued with Michael's father about America.

His concern turning to alarm, he glanced at his grandfather, whom he suspected of being behind it all. His grandfather just smiled again. They entered the restaurant. The décor had changed. A table with five chairs had been placed in the center with the other tables arranged around it in a horseshoe, as though for a birthday party. They stood there uncertainly until Mr. Vitalski deftly ushered them to the center table while whisking away the fifth chair. Mikha'el wondered if it had been meant for Soapy but then proceeded to forget all about her.

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