By War Department Technical Manual

TM 9-759
AUGUST four, 1942
The medium tank M4A3 is an armored, complete track-laying automobile, powered via a 500 hp Ford tank engine that's an 8 cylinder, liquid cooled, "V" variety engine designed in particular for tanks. The engine is found within the rear of the hull. The operator steers the car through levers situated within the entrance finish of the hull. The car has 5 ahead speeds and one opposite. The tank is stressed for radio install, and for an interphone method in the tank.

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Ordinarily it will not be necessary to use the primer except during cold weather. Excessive priming of the engine will cause flooding and failure to start, and the excess gasoline will wash the oil from the cylinder walls, with the result that the cylinders will not be properly lubricated until the engine oil starts circulating. g. Gearshift Lever. Shifting of gears in the transmission is accomplished by means of the gearshift lever, located on the left side of the transmission, to the right of the driver.

Rotate the hand traverse lever. h1. (1) Power. POWER ROTATION OF TURRET BY GUNNER (figs. 16, 17, and 18). Refill the reservoir with hydraulic oil if the oil is below onehalf inch from the top of the gage. Disengage the turret lock (par. 18 a (1) and (2)). Turn the battery master switch and the traversing switch to the "ON" position. This will start the electric otor and the hydraulic pump. Place the shift lever on the gear x to the power operating position (par. 18 b). 759 19-20 TANK, MEDIUM, M4A3 control handle and turn it in the direction the turret is to be traversed.

If the engine will not turn over with the clutch slipping. discontinue attempting to start, and notify higher authority. (2) START THE ENGINE. After the engine has been turned over as outlined above, turn the ignition switch on and engage the clutch. Increase towing speed to from 3 to 5 miles per hour (in fifth gear. fig. 11) and make from three to five strokes with the priming pump. If the engine does not start. see paragraph 41 b. (1). Section VI TURRET CONTROLS AND OPERATION 18. a. ockslii .

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