By John Radzilowski

Even supposing Ukrainians were immigrating to the us because the 1870s, it wasn't till after Ukraine won its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991 that large-scale migration happened. as well as profiles on amazing Ukrainian americans, equivalent to actor Jack Palance and corridor of reputation NHL goaltender Terry Sawchuk, "Ukrainian americans" offers a well-balanced advent to the heritage, tradition, faith, and stories of this immigrant staff. Full-color pictures and an abundance of additional good points, together with sidebars, footnotes, bibliography, and extra, around out this informative publication.

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Through letters, they also learned about what they would face from others who had traveled to the United States. Ukrainians might also learn about America from people of other ethnic groups who had family members in the United States. “When a letter came from America, whoever could read, read—and many came to listen,”4 said Pearl Basaraba, whose parents eventually settled in North Dakota in 1906. Many immigrants knew what part of North America they would go to. For example, many knew there were jobs to be had in the coal-mining region of Pennsylvania.

Because of the widespread destruction caused by the war, Ukrainian DPs, along with DPs of many nationalities, relied on assistance from the United Nations or from friends and compatriots who lived in North America. Most lived in refugee camps, where conditions were often difficult. Because of the problems caused by the war, many countries did not want to accept more immigrants. In the early 1950s, however, the United States and Canada agreed to accept a large group of DPs, including many Ukrainians.

Along the Polish-Slovak border live the Carpatho-Rusyns, close cousins of the Ukrainians. Ukrainian communities can also be found throughout Europe. Over the past 15 years, many Ukrainians have moved to countries in Europe to work. Some have done so for only a short period of time. They earn some money and then return to their families in Ukraine. Others have stayed longer and have started to put down Many early immigrants came with only a piece of paper that showed the address and city in America where they wanted to go.

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