By Iain D. Craig

This ebook bargains a different perception into the development of digital machines for sequential, object-oriented and parallel languages, and makes use of comparisons of other VMs to supply genuine, useful examples. country transitions are used as a proper method for the specification of digital machines all through and – moreover – transitions and kingdom transitions in terms of the overall operation are integrated for specification of the digital computer for the event-based approach. digital machines are outlined utilizing an easy sequential language, that's then generalised to incorporate item and parallelism. different subject matters explored comprise the implementation of VMs and suggestions for destiny paintings. Appendices include high-level standards of 2 compilers: one for the straightforward language that serves because the simple instance through the booklet, the opposite for the event-based language laid out in bankruptcy 6. This e-book is a necessary reference instrument for educational and business researchers in addition to postgraduates during this zone.

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4 The OeODE Machine In this section, the organisation of the OCODE machine is presented. BCPL is a procedural programming language that supports recursion . It requires a globally accessible vector of words to support separate compilation. It also requires a pool of space to represent global variables. The language also permits the use of (one-dimensional) vectors and tables (essentially vectors of words whose elements are indexed by symbolic ident ifiers, much like tables in assembly language).

Directive STACK s STORE ITEMN n DATALAB Ln SECTION NEEDS GLOBAL n K IL l . . K nL n 24 2 VMs for Portability: BCPL The STACK directive informs the code generator of the current size of the stack. This is required because the size of the current stack frame can be affected by some control structures, for example those that leave a block in which local variables have been declared . The STORE directive informs the code generator that the point separating the declarations and code in a block has been reached .

At ru ntime, t he expression is evaluated, leaving an address on the top of the stack. The GOTO inst ruction then transfers control to t hat address. The RES and RSTACK instructions are used to compile RESULTIS commands. If the argument to a RESULTIS is immediately returned as the result of a funct ion, the FNRN instructio n is selected . In all other contexts, RESULTIS e compiles to the code for e followed by the RES L n instruction. 5 OeODE Instructions and their Implementation 23 the label Ln.

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