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A yr or so in the past i purchased the "What's a Microcontroller" package deal from Radio Shack. I by no means quite bought in to it and dabbled in analyzing approximately different microcontrollers (68HC11, 8051, Atmel sequence, Audrino etc.). this present day i eventually dove into the Stamp 2 (Basic Stamp HomeWork board) package deal and was once blown away via how effortless it really is to software the Stamp. The directions and documentation are brilliant. i've got consistently been acutely aware that the Parallax site is phenomenal.

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The last three DEBUG lines can be deleted. An additional CR is needed after the "Hello" message. bs2 ' BASIC Stamp sends message to Debug Terminal. ", CR, "The answer is: ", DEC 7 * 11 END The output from the Debug Terminal is: Hello, it's me, your BASIC Stamp! What's 7 X 11? The answer is: 77 This output is the same as it was with the previous code. This is an example of using commas to output a lot of information, using only one DEBUG statement. Further Investigation In this chapter, you visited the Software section of either the Parallax web site or the Parallax CD to get a copy of the BASIC Stamp Editor.

Other indicator lights are switched on and off by a microcontroller inside the device. These are usually status indicator lights that tell you what the device is up to. MAKING A LIGHT EMITTING DIODE (LED) EMIT LIGHT Most of the indicator lights you see on devices are called light emitting diodes. You will often see a light emitting diode referred to in books and circuit diagrams by the letters LED. The name is usually pronounced as three letters: “L-E-D”. You can build an LED circuit and connect power to it, and the LED emits light.

What values displayed in the Debug Terminal? ACTIVITY #4: BUILDING AND TESTING A SECOND LED CIRCUIT Indicator LEDs can be used to tell the machine’s user many things. Many devices need two, three, or more LEDs to tell the user if the machine is ready or not, if there is a malfunction, if it’s done with a task, and so on. In this activity, you will repeat the LED circuit test in Activity #1 for a second LED circuit. Then you will adjust the example program from Activity #2 to make sure the LED circuit is properly connected to the BASIC Stamp.

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