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In most countries, woman's entrance into the modern systems of education occurred during the industrialization period, when there was a need to create common schools for all students, including girls. Another common pattern is that the social ideology concerning women's place in the educational realm has changed over the years. Page viii In all countries, at some time, women have been excluded from the teaching profession; teaching was not considered their proper place. This ideology changed, however, to the view that teaching was a proper role for women.

The Lutheran State Church continued to be in charge of the educational administration of the country. Through its bishops' councils and the inspecting clergymen sent out by them, the church also continued to have the responsibility for the literacy and religious education of the ordinary Finnish-speaking rural populationin other words, the vast majority of the Finnish people. But a discussion and Page 24 even some experimentation concerning the need for a broader and deeper elementary education for all was already going on.

Women are "blamed" for not have the prerequisite motivations or ambitions. Thus the model for success remains male. We have taken these findings on differences and have tried to eliminate the differences; we have tried to help women fit the male model and have not considered that cultural roles regarding women remain different from those of men. We have a considerable body of literature on what deters women from seeking certain roles in education, but we do not have a comparable body of literature on what attracts and keeps women where they areprimarily in classroom teaching.

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