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W h e n the ear is filled with the zinc solution prior to ionization the orifice o f the meatus may be closed by pressing the tragus against the posterior wall, and fluid can often be made to pass through the Eustachian canal by pressing inwards. W h e n this occurs the patient will be seen to swallow. Zinc ionization is carried out in the usual way. —Granulations visible on the inner wall o f the tympanum (Fig. 26A) may be destroyed by nitrate o f silver fused on a silver wire. The end of the wire is heated in the flame o f a spirit-lamp and is Α Β Fig.

Result is satisfactory (Fig. 24). If, however, the perforation is at the summit o f a small eminence a thin probe dipped in a strong (20 per cent) solution o f nitrate of silver will make the opening sufficiently large to allow treatment o f the tympanum. During the actual treatment the CLINICAL APPLICATION 39 patient lies on a couch. His head should rest on a thin pillow. The wire gauze electrode is placed on a folded towel wrung out o f salt solution and is bandaged to the arm or leg. It is attached to the terminal on the batterymarked —.

N o home treatment was given. In many o f the 184 cases boracic powder was insufflated while the ear was still wet with the zinc solution. Experience shows that this is unnecessary. Recurrences are not frequent, the principal causes being swimming or a severe cold. These reinfections are easily treated if seen early, by the insufflation of boracic powder. TECHNIQUE OF DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT OF THE CONDITION IN THE EAR A few anatomical diagrams are inserted for (Figs. 18-20). reference Fig. —A normal drum.

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